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2013 Annual Appeal Campaign

Tall Ships America has been working hard for 40 years to support the people, ships, and programs of sail training.  In that time, the fleet has grown from a few ships to hundreds; sail training programs have become more diverse and sophisticated; and thousands of professional crew and millions of student trainees have been tested and tempered by the challenges of the sea. This progress has only been possible thanks to the dedicated support of people like you.

Your support has a profound value to the people we serve, and we’ve included some of their stories here.  You’ll find quotes from young scholarship recipients who have been inspired and transformed by their experience at sea, as well as a profile of long standing member Captain Aaron Singh, who quite literally grew up immersed in the sail training “zone of opportunity” that is our mission to sustain.  He remains dedicated to the field, carrying forward the values of education under sail to the next generation.

His story is remarkable, but not unique.  In fact, Tall Ships America has been an indispensable resource for advancing the profession and the practice of education under sail, supporting talented young seafarers at every step of their careers.  Please join us in this effort now, by contributing to our Annual Appeal.  This critical element of our fund raising effort provides for 20% of our operating budget, and is vital to sustaining our service to the fleet. 

This year we have received a $30,000 Challenge Grant, which will match your contribution dollar for dollar.  We are grateful for your interest and support, and invite you to join our special donors group, the Nathaniel Bowditch Leadership Society, by making a contribution of $1,000 or more.   

The results of the last four decades make the case that Tall Ships America should continue and expand our service in the decades to come.  We look forward to sailing with you for the next leg of this great voyage, and we thank you for your support. We will close our Annual Appeal on December 31, so please take a moment today and make your gift now to support education under sail.



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